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VS Sewing Machine, Sewing Machine Dealers in Chennai offers you with the Top selling brands along with all its Sewing Machines models in the Industry. You can get  the recommendations over here with the industry experts. Also we serves you best Pre-Selling as well as the Post Selling Services.

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Sewing Machines are arranged dependent on their usefulness, and they have likewise been ordered relying upon their highlights like sewing, knitting and weaving. Sewing Machines can be ordered into five sorts:Mechanical Sewing Machine, Electronic Sewing Machine, Computerized or Automated Sewing Machine, Embroidery Machine, Overlock Sewing Machine or serger.

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Technological developmentmechanism

Image Capture Tranformation

As Brother Vision Sewing Machine initiatd this system it has been adapted by all of them in the industry. Electronic Programmable Sewing Machine allows the electronic data of the image captured. It completes the action within a fraction of second but never need a high skill set to operate with. This system can be implemented in single needle sewing machine, chainstitch sewing machine or any other electronic supporting sewing machines to get the decorative and unique patterns without flaws. It results in high speed sewing, lesser time consuming, automated sewing, needless of sewing skill and no need of handling fabrics for a particular time.

Voice-Over Feature

It is the featured where the operator can interact with the Sewing Machine using the Voice-Over Feature enabled with each and every button of the operation panel. The featured reduced the necessity of contacting the operators for every operation like break-down of the machine or the leakage of oil. Because the featured itself gives the instruction regarding the errors and the guidelines to clear the errors. One of our offering Brand Jack have this feature in entire auromated C4 overlock machine and A5 Semi-drive computerized locstitch machine.

Digital Feeding

Juki DDL 9000C Sewing Machine has a stepper motor that controls the for the separation of feed dog movement from the main shaft.Feed dog separation from the movement of needle under main shaft will results in simlutaneous reverse feeding process and a unique deisgned stitches.

Modular Sewing Machines

Improvement in the developement of Sewing Machines are tremendous. As the new developement feature allows the users of existing Sewing Machine Owners to adapt the new enhancements. Allowing the Sewing Machine to get upgraded will help to users not to go for the separate machines for the each process which will lower the investment costs.

Sewing Machines Without Pedal

As we all aware of Sewing Machines only with Pedals the users has to control the machine needle in the critical areas of the design stitches using Pedals which will disturb the accurancy and the neatness of the deisgn. So Sewing Machines without Pedals are treanding now-a-day through which the users can the machine with the electronic control. It enhances the user experience as it is being user friendly. Jack is one of the Brand that offers Pedal less Sewing Machines. C4 Model of Jack has been categorized into Computerized, Semi-Intelligent and Intelligent modes. Intelligent mode of the model will be operated automatically.

Automatic Bobbin Changer

Every user and company based on the Sewing Machine must face the probem of changing Bobbins to reload the thread filled Bobbins whenever the thread gets over. This is problem which takes the major time of Productivity in a large scale as well as the small scale. To overcome this issue there comes an Automated Bobbin Chenger that takes only seconds to replace the Bobbin for every all the heads. Jack’s Single Needle Lock-Stitch Machine has recently adapted Automatic Bobbin Changer.

Setting Sewing Machines Through Mobile Phone

Sewing Machines has to be set depnding upon the style of garment that the operator knows. Settings of the Sewing Machines we handle are more or less same. But it is not that much easy to make settings over each and every machine which takes more time and efficiency to complete the task. So the greater advancement in the sewing machine has evolved with the settings in the mobile phone. So the Settings made for one Sewing Machine can be copied to all the machines in the line of Production on a single tap made on Android device with Wi-fi or any other contactless modes.

Sewing Machines With Real-time Monitors

The network of Smart Sewing Machines are connected and can be monitored over any smart device to handle the production status from all over the world. It boosts the apparel industry as it is already moving towards digitalization in a jetspeed. The Brand Juki has been playing with Intelligent Sewing System(ISS) for some time.

USB Port Availability

It is not that much easy to add modification of style over the sewing machines on the product line if there is any. It creates the problem on production and increase the process time. So the greater enhancement has been adapted by the garment industrialists in their sewing machines with the USB Ports through which they can add and copy the modification over the sewing machines. USB Ports are welcoming by the sewing machine operators as it can be used as the Mobile charging points and some times for the Desk fans supporting USB Drives.

Tips for the Maintenance of Sewing Machines:
  1. Use a needle size appropriate for the material and thread weight. take care the needle is that the correct length, straight, and sharp. amendment needles oft once stitching artificial materials. Biro needles facilitate stop injury to knit materials.
  2. Continuously take care the machine is oiled and properly rib, which the spool is lint-free before getting down tosew.
  3. Use an equivalent thread within the spool as on the spool unless you’re making a effect.
  4. Shield your clean stitching from machine dirt and dirt between stitching comes by covering it or golf stroke it within the stitching cupboard or machine case.
  5. As you begin to sew, place each threads below the presser foot and hold them to the rear of the machine.
  6. Flip the handwheel toward you to start out the handicraft, if needed.
  7. Begin and stop the machine with the needle and thread take-up lever in their highest position.
  8. Pull the spool thread through the needle hole within the needle plate before getting down to sew.
  9. Once the strain on the higher thread and spool thread ar balanced, amendment solely the higher thread tension for slight variation, as needed.
  10. To show a corner, stop the machine whereas the needle remains within the cloth. Raise the presser foot and switch the material, victimisation the needle as a pivot purpose. Then lower the presser foot and resume stitching.
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