Revo DA – Bag Closer Sewing Machine – Single Needle, Single Thread

The Revo DA Single Needle Chain-Stitch Sewing Machine is a dependable and effective machine designed specifically for versatile bag closing. It features a portable and reinforced feed mechanism, ensuring durability even in harsh operating conditions. This sewing machine operates quietly and trouble-free, with a strong plastic handle and non-corrosive finish adding to its robust construction. The sealed motor, 15mm toothed belt, and adaptable design further enhance its reliability. Additionally, optional accessories such as conveyor stands, shoulder belts, and spring balancers with hangers provide added convenience for users.



Revo DA Single Needle Chain-Stitch Sewing Machine in Chennai

The Revo DA Single Needle Chain-Stitch Sewing Machine is specifically designed to tackle demanding sewing tasks while remaining accessible to beginners. It plays a crucial role in businesses that require bag closing, making it an essential tool across various industries. Its durability stands out as a key advantage, particularly for large-scale operations handling rigorous bag-related workloads, leading to decreased downtime and lower repair costs. Even individuals with no prior experience using sewing machines will find the Revo DA bag closer sewing machine user-friendly without the need for extensive guidance. Equipped with a reinforced feed mechanism comprising of a wider presser foot, feed dog, and larger throat plate, this machine ensures smooth stitching and precise bag closures – vital elements for maintaining a professional appearance within any business setting.

Revo DA Single Needle Chain-Stitch Sewing Machine in Chennai


Features of Revo DA Electric Sewing Machine

Versatile Bag Closing: The Revo DA Single Needle Chain-Stitch Sewing Machine is suitable for sewing all paper, textile, and poly bags made from materials like HDPE/PP.

User-Friendly: It is easy to handle, even for inexperienced users, making it a practical choice for various settings, including small businesses and industries.

Reinforced Feed Mechanism: The machine features a wider presser foot and feed Dog with a larger throat plate than conventional single-thread chain-stitch bag closers. The design used in this machine ensures smoother, even, and better-looking plain and folded top closures to give a professional look.

Durable Construction: The machine is perfectly designed to sustain challenging sewing tasks where heat treatment is also given for the parts in the sewing machine to last longer and make it more usable for industrial settings.

Dependable in various Conditions: The Revo DA Single Needle Chain-Stitch Sewing Machine can work finely in all business environmental conditions, including agricultural Bags and industrial environments.

Trouble-Free Operation: It can seamlessly handle continuous bag-closing tasks on a bagging line or in the field.

Quiet Operation: It is a high-quality sewing machine that ensures minimal noise compared to machines with steel cams.

Safety Handle: It includes a strong plastic handle for insulation, ensuring safe and comfortable operation that suits all handlers, including inexperienced machine users.

Non-Corrosive Finish: The non-corrosive finish helps resist corrosion, making it suitable for you if your hand gets damp in humid conditions, which might lead to a loose grip.

Superior Lubrication: The lubrication system consists of an oil pump and a reservoir, directing lubricant to the main moving parts for smooth operation.

Sealed Motor: The motor is in a dust-proof enclosure, ensuring reliable performance.

Automatic Thread Cutter: Protected cutting blades automatically sever the thread after closing the bag, enhancing efficiency.

Timing Belt: A 15mm toothed belt helps the machine operate effortlessly under heavy workloads.

Adaptable: It is designed for stationary or suspended use.


General Specifications of Revo Bag Closer Sewing Machine with oil system DA

Model NameDA
Number of Buttonhole Styles0
Number of Feeds1
Number of Needle Positions1
Twin Needle GuardNo
Auto Lock ButtonNo


Specifications of the Revo Sewing Machine model DA

Stitch Length3.5 Stitches/inch (25.4mm) Fixed
Stitch TypeSingle needle, single thread, chain stitch
Stitch Speed1600 stitches per minute (5 to 8 bags per minute)
Type of BagsBurlap, cotton, Hessian, Jute, Multi-Wall paper bags, PP/HDPE
Material Thicknessup to 10 mm
NeedleDB x1 200/25 (Groz Beckert)
Lubricant2T Oil or SAE 10
Power220-250V, 1.3 Amps, 8000 RPM AC Motor
Weight5 Kg. (11 Pounds)
Dimensions(L) 13 in. x (W) 12 in. x (H) 12 in
Special SpecificationBag stitching machine (rice bag mouth stitching)



1. What is the Revo DA Bag Closer Sewing Machine?

The Revo DA Bag Closer Sewing Machine is a single needle, single thread sewing machine designed to meet the demanding sewing jobs required in businesses and industries. It is particularly useful for closing bags and provides a must-needed tool for various business applications.

2. Who can use the Revo DA Bag Closer Sewing Machine?

This sewing machine is suitable for both experienced sewers and beginners due to its user-friendly design and ease of operation.

3. What are some notable qualities of this sewing machine?

Its durability sets it apart as an important factor in handling demanding tasks with bags, resulting in less downtime and fewer repair costs – crucial benefits for businesses or industries that rely on consistent bag closures.

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